10 Metrics for Tracking Your Social Media

Social media has become the platform on which people have the ability to voice their opinions on brands, companies, and people. People’s comments can be good or bad but that is not the only aspect that makes your social medias successful. Social media tracking allows you to gain insight into their competitors, customers, and industry influencers. Keeping a social media channel on different platforms can be quite a daunting task. On top of that, in order to use those social media accounts as effectively as possible requires time and effort. Here is a list of ten tracking metricsto help you stay on top of things.

1.      Track Follower Growth

The total number of followers and page likes generally represents the number of people that have taken an interest in your business. This means that the content you’re sharing, as well as your techniques, is engaging new fans.

2.      Explore Audience Demographics

Monitoring your audience demographics can help you build your strategy and help you modify your posts to better suit your audience. It can also help with paid ads in the future.

3.      Identify Peak Times for Engagement

Knowing the times when your audience is most likely to engage on your posts helps you tailor your strategy so that it’s more visible to your audience.

4.      Research into Content Shares

Content shares are important because they reflect how your audience identifies your content. Posts that are highly shared show that your audience found that specific post helpful, or had a strong connection to. The increase is content shared, generally, means that the greater your reach.

5.      Track Referral Traffic

Acquisition data shows what kind of traffic you are getting from social medias to your website, as well as what that traffic does once it reaches your website. If some channels are not bringing many click-throughs, this data can help you improve that.

6.      Examine Click Rates

Click-rates, although don’t specifically focus on revenue generation, they help you understand how your followers engage with you. It goes further into why they’re engaging with that post(s) and what’s making them click through.

7.      Determine Reach

The reach combines the number of people you reach both within and outside of your audience. Mixing engaging content into your social media strategy can improve the reach of your posts and business.

8.      Monitor Mentions

Tracking your mentions allows you to see what your fans and prospects are saying about you. It’s important to keep a lookout for this as people are more likely to be open online with their opinions and thoughts.

9.      Track Likes and Reactions

Gauging how your audience reacts to your content helps you determine whether the content you are posting is interesting to your audience. This can also aid in informing future types of content that would engage your audience.

10.  Review Replies and Comments

Replies and comments can help you gauge how engaging the topics are to your audience. It can also help in weeding out any uninteresting content from your channels.

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