10 Reason Why Magento is Beneficial for ecommerce Business

These days, ecommerce is quite simple and easy for almost anyone. You have sufficient enough opportunities to get in any industry that you want. While there are a lot of e-store development options available for entrepreneurs, Magento is on top of the list.

The strong bond of Magento and ecommerce websites results into a successful business every time. Since Magento comes with its productive features, a web development company in Dubai has stated some facts that make it an important and the most effective platform forecommerce sites.

  1. Content Management

Magneto provides an easy way to edit the content. Without any concern to the size of ecommerce website, you can manage the basic functionality of content within shopping cart.

  1. Structure

Magento is an over-architecture powerful platform, which is designed to scale and customize the website as per clients’ requirements. Sometimes developers face problems and leave these common issues for Magento to resolve. Magento architecture has a lot of principles like OOP architecture, strongly layered product architecture, programming principle, etc.

In addition, Magento allows you to configure third part trusted SSL certificate. It is something that protects your user data from hackers as well as malware through its 2048 bit CSR encryption and 256 bit SSl encryption.

  1. Mobile Friendly

For a shopping website, it is essential to have a mobile friendly website. Magento makes it possible to develop a mobile friendly website that may not only drive traffic but increase sales as well.

  1. Broad Space Facility

Magento develops a website with a potential to keep up to 500,000 products and manage 80,000 order per hour. Due to its large size, it is very complicated to manage the products on an ecommerce website.

  1. Search Engine Optimization Capability

Unsurprisingly, it is crucial to attract organic traffic and manage SEO features of any website. Therefore, Magento gives a vast configuration for SEO. When you use Magento, it allows you to set Meta titles, Meta descriptions, auto links and several other features that are helpful in managing the site easily.

  1. Extension for ecommerce

Magento is one of the most popular platform for ecommerce websites, which is also an open source. Magento developers have developed many other extensions like import export attribute option, custom image option, custom option manager, etc. to get maximum benefits.

  1. Services of Google

Magento proves its efficient and effective performance to the widely famous search engine “Google.” Services like Google Analytics, Google Checkout and many others help you to track traffic from you website. It is how your business grow up with the best strategies and attracts its audience.

  1. Easy to Manage Integrations with Third Party

Magento allows your ecommerce website to connect with the third party like Google Shopping, Quick Book, Mailchimp, eBay, PayPal, and more. You can add these integrations to the data analytics of your site.

  1. Inventory Cost Reduction

You must update your website’ sales information with ERP Connector.The websites having Magento platform will show up sales in their ERP system right away. It means that the system user is able to plan the purchase and reduce its cost at times. So, don’t forget to update the web transaction that will update the ERP inventory automatically.

  1. Preference-based Shopping

The most recent online shopping experience offers filtering, and the shoppers always love this feature. Magento has the ability to offer you products on the basis of your preferences.

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