5 Advantages of Responsive Website Design

In the last few years, with the online presence of every business, the modes of online means are also getting changed.  Previously, there was a boon on desktop users to browse any website. Currently, the mobile, tablet overtook the desktop as the first choice of internet users.  To adapt these changes the concept of responsive website emerged. The responsive website means a design of the website that can adapt the viewer’s viewport. The purpose of making the responsive website is to render the content differently depending on the device to have an optimal experience for the visitor. Many website design companies like website design Ottawa responsive website.

Advantages of Responsive Website:

Enhance Serviceability:

For better service and user experience, responsive website design is recommended by Google.  To make the website easy to navigate, read, and to improve overall user experience make your website design responsive for various devices. Many website development & Design Company Ottawa web design help to maintain and create a website which is adaptive for different devices like mobile, desktop and tablet. The enhanced user experience ultimately leads to an increase in visibility, Traffic over the website which resulted in to increase conversation.

Lower Bounce Rates:

Bounce rate is a considerable factor which can be improved by having a responsive website design.  A Bounce rate can be defined as the single page session of a website by a visitor. It’s an indicator of relevancy of website content and design. The More responsive the website the bounce rate could be improved.

Reduced Extra Cost & Time On Mobile Development:

One of the benefits of having a responsive website design is that the standalone time to create a mobile website can be saved. Moreover the time & cost of, development, support, maintenance & testing across a number of platforms also reduced.

No More Duplicate Content Problems:

Two different website offers different content. But the having two different websites for one business may cause the problem of duplicate content because Google will consider these two websites different having different URL but with the same content. This ultimately leads to affect ranking for the website having duplicate content. With responsive design, the need to create two different contents for the same business website but for two different devices can be eliminated.

Enhanced visibility for Search Engines:

 Google suggests that in localized search results for mobile optimized, responsive websites are featuring prominently. So this is significant for business having the mobile website for their business. So that management of one website with a single set of hypertext links can be done with responsive web design.

In conclusion, Responsive design allows the website owner to stay ahead of the trend. Prominently responsive websites design allows companies to have a single website that functions for both desktop and mobile users. With the increasing demand of content & media rich websites and applications, other factors like cost of maintenance, development, testing also considerably reduced while choosing the responsive website design.

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