5 Reasons You Should Get A Plasma Lighter

Everybody is talking about plasma lighters. They are everywhere. They are the best thing since opaque e-book reader devices.  Plasma lighters can make setting something on fire as easy as snapping your fingers. Additionally, they can make this possible in any situation. They are well made. It makes their use convenient and their operation hard to hinder.

Plasma lighters have become popular because they solve a lot of problems. These problems were familiar with traditional lighters. Now, as plasma lighters become more popular, you won’t have to worry about these issues.

So, why are plasma lighters so innovative and fresh? Keep reading and find out five reasons why you should get one. Come and take advantage of technology. Buy a plasma lighter and become part of the trend!

Plasma lighters work during terrible weather conditions.

Plasma lighters can still work under adverse conditions. As they work using electricity and not combustion, they don’t face the problems normal lighters do. Normal lighters can burn things only if certain conditions are met. If humidity is too low or temperatures are too extreme, conventional lighters won’t even ignite. This is frustrating. Users usually want to fire on cold or humid places.

Plasma lighters can burn things at very high temperatures. They also work on very humid conditions. This is in part due to their electric nature. The arc of lighting they generate is not easily disturbed by these conditions. A very violent breeze cannot impede a plasma lighter to work. You may want to protect the surface you want to burn. Then you can let it catch fire. You won’t need to worry about the lighter.

There are videos on the internet were people damp plasma lighters and then turn their switch on. The lighter still works. This can be dangerous to try. But it is evident in these videos that the water did not damage these lighters. A conventional lighter wouldn’t even make a flame.

They are very hard to break.

Violent impacts are among the main causes of electronic devices breaking. Sometimes they don’t break but get irreparably damaged. The replacement pieces of plasma lighters are just a few and not as vulnerable as the pieces of plastic lighters.

Plasma lighters won’t break as easy as conventional plastic lighters.

They don’t need constant replacement parts.

Plasma lighters are very convenient. This is true even for their construction and parts. The structure is very simple yet very convenient. They only use a battery. Then there is circuitry that relies on this battery. The circuitry is very simple and very hard to damage. The lighter’s encasing protects the battery.

The battery has a very long service life. It can be recharged about 300 times on most cheaper models. They won’t run out of fuel quickly like conventional lighters. This makes the device a very long lasting tool. The battery can also be replaced. It is also more Eco-friendly because batteries can be recycled.

Plasma lighters also don’t rely on parts that have to be bought every now and then. This is a definite advantage on the investment you make. This also makes them more convenient than conventional lighters. If you are using a conventional lighter and suddenly the flint goes missing, it will be annoying. The wheel can also get damaged and need replacement. With plasma lighters, you won’t need to buy a new flint or replace the wheel.

In case the battery gets drained, you can always bring a second lighter with you. While you use the replacement one, you can get the other one charged.

They are very easy to use

Sometimes, conventional lighters are not at all easy to use. If climate conditions are not favorable, using a traditional lighter becomes hard. Then there is the possibility of getting the wheel blocked, making it difficult to turn.

They are very modern looking and will make you look cool.

Plasma lighters are the epitome of modern technology. They represent modern tendencies just like electric cars. Electric, battery-powered devices will dominate the market shortly. Plasma lighters are part of this tendency, and its use is letting combustion motors behind.

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