5 Tips to Help you Choose The Best AWS Alternative for Your Business

For many years now, Amazon Web Services has reigned large in the business of cloud hosting and secured storage. However, several highly competent AWS alternatives are clodking high user numbers as well as reviews. These services promise to deliver as much value as the bigger organisation does, and sometimes exceed expectations.

There is only major problem: many smaller organisations do not know how to choose from the various services available, and often end up selecting one which requires a steep learning curve, not to mention escalating costs.

To identify the most appropriate cloud server hosting services, here are a few simple pointers worth keeping in mind to make the most suitable choice.

5 tips to choose alternatives to AWS

  1. Security is the cornerstone of a good hosting service: The key to choosing a professional cloud host is to check its security credentials. There are more cyber-attacks with each passing month, and ransomware threats like WannaCry have made frequent headlines. The hallmark of a good AWS alternative is multiple layers of firewalls, which prevents attackers and hackers from toying with sensitive user data.
  2. Real-time customer service: Clients demand total customer service from their hosting services. That means a 24×7 dedicated service accessible via call, email or Chatbots. Given how fast the rise of AI has been, Chatbots are coming up as the most common medium of choice. It is interesting to note that deploying AI-based solutions seems to be the way to go for most Fortune 500 companies.
  3. Real-time hardware redundancy: Data redundancy is not only necessary for security purposes; it has a very real-world application to conserve and secure information. When organisations, large or small, look for a Cloud server hosting service provider, one aspect to look out for is the availability of hardware and data redundancy, with data back-up in real-time.
  4. Easy-to-access VPS Cloud panel: The challenge for IT is to keep things accessible enough for the not-so-tech-savvy individual without compromising on overall functionality. The VPS Cloud panel is located remotely and helps close/restart Cloud services. It should be extremely accessible, with a clean and lean GUI and with usability and versatility at its core.
  5. Reasonable prices: Pricing is an issue for nearly every service, and alternatives to AWS must provide extremely reasonable price packages. Most cloud hosting providers not only have weekly or monthly price packages; at times, they even have hourly usage packages. That is because different clients, from all sides of the GMT, have many specific demands which require varied responses and requirements as far as the timeline is concerned. That is why hourly packages are essential, to illustrate, an organisation in New Zealand serving a client in Russia does not need fixed time packages but mobile ones.

There are several other issues which a proper AWS alternative must address. Since there is a wide gamut of concerns, singling one as the best would be inaccurate considering the variety of applications and user-end requirements. Any organisation looking for a cloud hosting service provider must research available options before they settle with a single alternative. Sticking to these pointers will surely help make a satisfactory choice.

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