4 Methods to Ensure Website Redesign Does not Decrease Your Site’s Search engine optimization Value

Most companies have redesigning of the website without understanding its repercussions, particularly the impact on on-page Search engine optimization and Search engine optimization generally. This really is mainly as they do not evaluate their Search engine optimization strategy and just how it might get affected via a website redesign. Listed here are 4 ways that you are able to be sure that your website’s redesign does not modify the Search engine optimization worth of the web site.

Retain On-Page Search engine optimization

The important thing to making certain hard work put in on-page Search engine optimization isn’t impacted by an internet site redesign would be to literally crawl your website. It can be done by hand or perhaps apply certain tools available for sale. These may be used to perform a complete analysis of the website’s Search engine optimization and comprehend the facets of Search engine optimization which are vital that you be retained. Also, this is an excellent time for you to reanalyse the Search engine optimization from the old website because you can implement any new Search engine optimization techniques that were not implemented for that earlier version.

No Index, No Follow

Another facet of website redesign is to guarantee the ‘No Index, No Follow’ checkbox is checked before the test site goes live. It is really an essential requirement of website redesign which otherwise adopted can lead to Google treating the information around the new website as duplicate content. Using the ‘No Index, No Follow’ tag, the exam site’s content won’t be listed in Google along with other search engines like google. When the old website’s information is completely migrated towards the new website, then your old website could be deactivated and also the ‘No Index, No Follow’ checkbox could be unchecked when the test site goes live.

Ensure Same URL Structure

The easiest method to make sure the effort you’ve put in the Search engine optimization focus on your old website does not go waste would be to support the URL structure from the old site around the redesigned website too.. By doing this, you don’t waste time applying 301 redirects in the old site towards the new site once it is going live. Jetski from any kind of errors that may occur when 301 redirects are implemented for that new site.

Create XML Sitemaps

Creating XML sitemaps and submitting these to major search engines like google ensures the crawling of information on your site is not stopped. This will not only help inside your Search engine optimization efforts but additionally directs your website’s people to the right portion of the site.

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