7 Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2019


Digital and social media trends are always changing, and this kind of fast paced environment is attracting more and more people to look at pursuing digital marketing jobs.

What was fashionable and applicable to a marketing campaign in 2017 would be irrelevant in 2018. As such, it may be prudent to wonder what 2019 has in store for your business and your digital marketing strategy.

While we can’t be sure what 2019 has in store for you, we can make a few predictions based on how fast the digital marketing space has changed over time. The following are just some of the trends you can expect in 2019.

  1. Smart Speakers

It might be strange to include Alexa, HomePod and Google Home in this list, but 65% of people who already own these smart devices say they wouldn’t want to go back to life before they acquired them. So what does this mean for the digital marketing space? Well, it is easy to see more companies and online publications choosing to embrace audio content on these devices. We are also not too far away from seeing more ads on these platforms as Google, Amazon and Apple seek to monetize these popular platforms.

  1. The Internet Will Soon Catch Up with Television

Recently published research shows that the internet will very soon catch up with TV in terms of hours watched. Currently people spend up to 2.6 hours a day online and 2.7 hours a day watching TV. It is therefore correct to predict that more companies will spend less on TV ads and ore on web video, social media and web ads in 2019.

  1. Social Media to Become More Deeply Integrated

Social media companies already integrate seamlessly with third-party applications. Facebook for example, allows LinkedIn users to sign to sign up for third-party services with their accounts. This trend is expected to continue and get even more integrated. This will help social media companies become more dominant and have more data that can be used to target customers more effectively.

  1. Live Video Will Continue to Grow

Live videos have gained popularity since 2016 and this trend is expected to continue in 2019 as well. In fact 67% of live viewers say they could purchase a ticket to attend an event or concert if they have a seen a live stream of a similar event. A further 45% say they would pay to see a sports team or athlete performer on a live online stream.

  1. Video Ads Will Keep Growing

Just as live video is expected to continue to grow, it is estimated that a total of 85% of total internet traffic will be in the form of videos. 57% of internet users already watch a video on social media platforms every month and this trend is expected to continue. It is therefore natural to assume that video ads will also continue to grow as more marketers begin to add video ads to their marketing strategy.

  1. Chat Bots to Become Normal

We expect that the novelty of chat bots will fade and they will become more normal, with more internet users willing to use and interact with them. We can predict that a chat box may soon become the first place someone goes to order a pizza or choose a cellphone plan. LivePerson says that only 19% of the 5000 people they surveyed had a problem with chat bots.

  1. CEOs will Become More Social

To dispel fake news, more and more CEOs will become more social. It is the way to boost a company’s reputation and build trust with users. In 2016, 40% of all CEOs were social. If the 40%, 70% were active on LinkedIn. This number will grow to meet the demand of people who want to hear news directly from the source.

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