7 elements that a landing page should have

The landing page of a website is often overlooked by many amateur webmasters. But this page should be given as much consideration as given to any other page of your website. A landing page is a very first page that visitor sees whenever he opens your website. This page is the place to advertise, to show your email and social media links and is often the page that attains the highest ranking for your brand on search engine results. Since it serves as a foyer that introduces people to your products and services, it should, therefore, be treated as a true brand ambassador.

Many of the companies that offers web design Dubai service suggests using the landing page as a marketing tool, where you can make an offer and give the visitor an opportunity to accept that offer on-page. It should be designed in a way so that it pitches a transaction. Minds Metricks Marketing Consultancy is the pioneer in web design and development company in Dubai. They suggest the following 7 most effective elements that a landing page must have.

1) An astounding headline

The landing page of a website literally has a limited amount of time, literally 5-10 seconds, for capturing the visitor’s interest. Having a strong headline is therefore important. When the visitors will see an attention-grabbing headline, he or she will surely keep on reading and be inspired to navigate the rest of your website. Make sure to use a headline that is compelling. Use striking adjectives and action-oriented language in the heading. Honesty is another thing to keep in mind. If you promised something by the headline of the landing page and other element do not abide by it, then you are likely to turn away customers.

2) Focus the design on benefits for visitors

You can use a text or graphic focused design for the landing page. Whatever you choose, make sure all elements push that the offer on the landing page is advantageous to the visitor. The offer or the message given on the landing page should be pitched as a problem solver. The text or the graphic used on the address bar should address the problem that your business resolves.

3) Be precise

Do not over-generalize things. Make it more specific and precise. It would be even better if you can provide some statistical data to back up your claims. But ensure that you do not make false claims. Always keep in mind that honesty remains your primary concern throughout.  You can make use of charts also if space allows.

4) Build justifiable urgency

You can make use of insisting language that provokes the visitor to take a swift action.  For example “This is a limited offer! Buy now!” or “order before 15th to get it delivered by Christmas! Use a language that is urgency oriented. This although is an old trick but very effective. But you need to be very careful and honest of course while deploying this idea.

5) Call-To-Action should be strong and visible

Along with the offer, you must also ensure that the form filling or another interaction method for your visitor should also be eye-catching. Making it in a different color so that it stands out is always a great idea. Using a visual design element like an arrow or pointer that leads to the action space is another good way.

6) Graphic design is quite important

To promote conversions on your website, you need to make sure that the graphic design of your landing page is attractive enough for the visitors. You must make use of every tool in your graphic arsenal and make your offer stand out. Use simple but attractive branding elements and leave white spaces on the page. Make use of images and text wisely. Don’t just cram up everything and make it a Hoch-poch.  You can also use a video on the landing page that gives a short description of your business and any offer you have for the customers.

  1. Focus on some offer and provide no exit links

Make sure that the landing page focuses on a single offer and it has no external links. If you include any external links, you will encourage the visitor to leave the page without any conversion. A landing page also doesn’t need any navigation. Just a small footer on the bottom would do.

Framework for landing pages differs from business to business. The best one, however, is the one that results in conversions. Minds Metricks Marketing Consultancy can help you with that. Our team of web designers can help to create a specific best for your business.

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