A Guide On The Best Cyber Safety Tips And Tricks To Avoid A Safety Breach

The recent cyber attacks on giants like Uber and Google have established the baseline – all devices and companies are at equal risk of suffering from a security breach or hack. Once the safety wall of a system collapses, all the data – including the private information of the customers, clients, and staff – is put at the risk of being misused. It leads to bigger problems like money extortion, stalking, as well as blackmailing. Hence is the requirement of a few most reliable tips and tricks that will help you in making the security system of your company strong. Scroll down to find out the details!

7 Cyber Security Tips That Will Help In Strengthening The Security System Of A Company

Let’s begin with the basics – every single device that makes use of the internet contains bugs. And bugs can be easily exploited by hackers to forcefully break through the security walls that guard the software. Therefore, you must adopt different tricks other than only dvr and wifi password protection. These tips are the extra safety layers that protect a system from hackers even after password hacking.

  1. Use anti-phishing and antivirus tools to keep the system clean of malware, bugs, and viruses. Also, educate your staff to identify phishing websites and emails
  2. Remember to install security cameras despite they are hackable – just like all other internet and dvr connected devices are. Security cameras will at least help in monitoring the staff to ensure that there are no internal threats
  3. Keep installing software and firmware updates for constant debugging. Additional debugging services that offer 100% bug elimination include system testing and network testing
  4. Accept help from ethical hackers to identify vulnerabilities and bugs in your software by running a bounty program just as Google does
  5. Use biometric identification method to ensure that no unauthorized person can force way within the security system of the company. Best biometric methods include fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, and eye scanning
  6. Use human behavior analysis tools that can read human gestures. These tools read your staff behavior and prepare a list of staff members that might be a hidden internal threat to the company
  7. Use digital verification procedure to let the system identify what people are allowed to access the internal security system. In this way, unauthorized people cannot get a system entry since the access can be granted only upon the digital identity verification
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