AddaChats App Review

The mobile phone has changed many things in our lives. For communication, we used to depend on letters and then landline phone and after that mobile phone came and made it easy for us to communicate with our loved ones from anywhere. But now everything has changed, and instead of calling someone, we prefer to write a message for them.

The communication with loved ones has become more interesting with the use of stickers and Emojis. Many apps offer the stickers and emoji options to their users but as a user, I want more, and I got that from AddaChats.

AddaChats is an amazing app. Through this post, I will share my experience of using AddaChats. So without much ado, let’s review the AddaChats and know about its special features.

AddaChats App Review

Whatsapp is the biggest medium of communication in the world. But in WhatsApp, you can chat with only those people with whom you have exchanged the phone number. Now, when the world has become a village, then it looks orthodox to have a friendship with limited people only. AddaChats is a great platform where you can meet new people and start to chat with them. AddaChats is a modern app, and for me, it is a great option for WhatsApp. Now I will tell you what I like in this app.

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Features of AddaChats

Like the name says this chatting app is like an adda where friends can hang out, share jokes and talk on the viral news and videos. But it’s not the only thing that AddaChats offers you. This app has various features which make it India’s best social network.

Let’s have a look at the different features of AddaChats.

The Availability of Native Language

The AddaChats app supports many Indian local languages, including- Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and Gujarati. When the user chooses his favorite language then he gets all the content in that language only. Availability of local native language also saves the users from the embracement of typing wrong spelling in English.

The Indian Feel

On all the apps we get the stickers related to New Year, Christmas or other big important Indian festivals but here on AddaChats, you can get the sticker on every festival of India like Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Lohri, etc.


The AddaChats has more than one lakh trending Indian videos which can entertain you for hours. The best part of these videos is that they are not lengthy. These videos are like a small packet with a big surprise. Most of the videos have a length of 30 seconds only. On AddaChats, you cannot only watch the content created by others, but you can create your own too. Once you create your video, then you can share it in a group of or with any individual.

The WhatsApp Status and Stickers

The AddaChats let its users use the viral videos as their WhatsApp status. You must be aware of the popularity of Whatsapp status feature. A unique and different WhatsApp status is praised by everyone. So, if you want to make your friends laugh then upload a funny WhatsApp status from AddaChats and if you want to express your feelings to someone special then upload an emotional WhatsApp status from AddaChats.


Human is a social animal, and we love to be in a group. Same luxury the AddaChats is offering you. On AddaChats, many groups are available like Bollywood news, literature, and poetry, PUBG, etc. You can join them based on your interest and can make new friends with the same interests.


AddaChats also gives its users a chance to earn money online. When you install this app on your Smartphone, you get five coins which increase by five coins every day when you open the app. Moreover when you receive and accept a friend request then also you get five coins in your AddaChats account. To encash your coins, you need to send an invitation to your friends. As soon as your friend joins the AddaChats, you will get the reward in your Paytm account.

Winding it up

AddaChats is a great app which shows you the viral videos and let you make your video viral. You can download this app from play store free of cost. This app is going to be the most preferred app for those users that haven’t any affinity towards Facebook, Instagram or other mainstream social media networks.

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