All you need to know about lathe machines

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A lathe is a machine tool which spins cylindrical materials and cuts the material. The lathe is one of the machine tools most well used by machining. It is skilled to excellence that provided with superb features & tight tolerances.

There are various operations which are performed on the machine to give shape and size. We will define the different latte machine working which are performed by holding the work by a chuck.

  • Under-cutting
  • Parting-off
  • Internal thread cutting
  • Drilling
  • Reaming
  • Boring
  • Counter boring
  • Taper boring
  • Tapping

Lathe is the most flexible and extensively used machine tool all over the world. It is mainly called as the mother of all other machine tool. The main task of lathe is to eliminate metal from a job to give it required shape and size. The job is securely and strictly held in the chuck and in different centres on the lathe machine.

The most important thing to be considered in the machine is the accuracy of the machine which is measured in Microns (a unit of length). There are many operations performed on the lathe machine aside than simple turning of the metal piece. These operations include chamfer, facing, turning, grooving, forming, drilling and turning. These are operated on single lathe machine.

  • Chamfer: – it is the working of inclination the extreme end of the work piece. Chamfering is an important function after thread cutting so that the nut may pass freely on the threaded workplace.
  • Facing: – it is the function of machining the ends of a piece of work to create flat surface with the axis. It includes feeding the tool perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the work.
  • Turning: – in a lathe machine, turning is to eliminate excess material from the work piece to create a cylindrical surface of a needed shape and size.

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