An Overview of the Uses of Popular 3D Measuring Machines

The iDimension Series captures an image of packages, flats, poly bags, tubes and irregular shaped items in record time to calculate the dimensions of your packages for shipment.

Measuring machines are devices that accurately measure the geometry of tangible objects. There are available different types of these machines, the CMM or the coordinate measuring machine is one among them. There are measuring machines to measure the length of the shaft, desktop size, irregular seat shapes, 3D video size, etc. Visit online and you get a number of businesses which sells high precision measuring machines to their customers.

Popular 3D measuring machines are listed as follows:-

  • iDimension 100

The iDimension100 is widely used to measure dimensions and hence is regarded as the future of dimensioning. Designing economically, it is used in high and low volume shipping applications. The measuring instrument dimensions flats, packages and irregular shapes in a short span of time.

  • iDimension 100XL

The iDimension 100XL is used mainly by the integrators and provides flexibility in installing a dimensioning solution at any place over a table, conveyor, support beam or a ceiling mount.

  • iDimension 200

This 3D measuring machine is used on table tops or retail workstations, shipping and office environments. It is used to dimension shipment packages.

  • iDimension 300

The iDimension 300 can be securely installed upon the concrete floor. It can be securely positioned over a conveyor or a workstation to dimension items in manufacturing units, warehouses.

  • iDimension 400

This dimensioning solution optimizes dimensioning shipping items. The solution enhances verifying quality assurance using 3D imaging technology in warehouses, loading bays, receiving and shipping departments.

There are many businesses available online which offers dimensioning solutions to customers. If you are a customer requiring such solutions then visit the relevant websites, check the products that are offered there, make investments based in your choice or requirements.

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