Best 5 Advantages Of Modernizing IBM I Applications And Tools

If you’re looking forward to upgrading your existing IBM I applications, then there’s nothing better than purchasing the solutions and services provided by Fresche Solutions. The company specializes in manufacturing and supplying innovative analysis and production tools that can be used to create new and better applications from the existing ones. Besides, there are many benefits of having such services too. But before learning about the benefits, you must also learn about the services and solutions being talked about.

3 Solutions And Services That Can Help In Customizing IBM I Applications

The list given below is an introductory guide on the services that actually help companies in improving the performance of IBM I OS and apps.

  1. GUI Services – You can always choose to change text-based user interface into a graphical user interface. It involves using graphics as icons instead of textual representation
  2. Automated Services – Automated tools can be used for streamlining and customizing the documents in the database of the IBM OS. Those documents can then be shared between people from the concerned departments at the same time in the real-time. This not just saves time but also ensures that all people related to the project have the exact same report about the project’s progress
  3. Business Rules Automation – When automated tools and services are used to categorically organize all the business rules in one single database, the process of reforming, rewriting, and changing those rules become easier and less time consuming

5 Advantages Of Customizing IBM I Applications

Now that made aware of the kinds of services and analysis tools that you can use to modernize your IBM system, it’s time that you learn about the advantages of doing so.

  1. Improving and upgrading existing IBM I apps by using interfaces like GUI make websites more navigable, professional, and enticing. It increases traffic as it gives users a better web experience
  2. Upgrading the IBM I system increases the processing rate of documents since they can be shared between all the concerned departments at the same time in the real-time
  3. Since all the documents are shared and discussed on time, the speed of approval increases. This increases the production speed that, in return, increases the profit
  4. When existing IBM I apps like the RPG and PHP are reformed to become web responsive, users are able to access them on mobile devices too. It diverts traffic towards your website, earning popularity
  5. When automated tools are used to convert IBM I applications so that they can be accessed on all digital devices, it reduces maintenance cost largely.


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