Brutal Unrealistic Expectations And Inevitable Bubble Of Optimism On Cryptocurrency

According to cryptocurrency news, since last year, there are some effects in the crypto market which are still lingering around. Many critics have boasted their verdict that the downturn of the crypto bear market is inevitable, and the bubble of optimism and expectations will soon face the brutal and unrealistic death. The top Exec of world’s first cryptocurrency index fund has claimed that later or sooner the cryptocurrency market will turn to ashes and continuing in his statement he also has provided the hope that the surviving cryptocurrency will be the interesting investment.

Emphasizing on the statement that almost all cryptocurrencies will die, he proclaimed that cryptocurrencies are massive run-up and are a total bubble, so they can be considered a bad thing. This has fueled the interest in blockchain technology and through media, a large talent pool has been attracted towards it which is otherwise won’t be possible. He mentioned that there are 95% of cryptocurrency which is completely useless and sooner will face death. On the other side, he said that it has broughta huge amount of capital needed for the development of the digital ecosystem.

Greatest Generation from Crypto Ashes

The Bitcoin can be considered as the gold of new generation space and as per the survey reports the millennials of the 21st century to have a very positive view on cryptocurrency. They love the exposure they can get from it and they can establish the great juggernauts like dot-com created Google, Amazon, Apple etc.

Fallen Price of Ethereum on Market Cap Analysis Chart

It has been seen that Ethereum price has a good start at the beginning of the year as it claimed the number 2 position on the market analysis cap. But, later just like other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum has also followed the same trend just like Bitcoin and Ripple and so it fell to $104. 10% of its value has been lost and is currently trading at $105.

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