Cool Things you must Know about Instagram

Instagram has become everyone’s best friend these days. Whether you are sleeping or walking, whether you are at your favorite restaurant or are having hookah right now, whether you are cooking for the first time or are drinking something really delicious, Instagram is the best way to promote yourself. If you have something in you and you want to promote your talent, you have got to be on this app. It is not just another social networking app; in fact, it is not created for you to socialize with people; Instagram has been designed to let you share your pictures with your friends and loved ones. It is more like a digital album that you have with you for the rest of your life. In fact, it is a beautiful thing. Even if your hard drive gets corrupted or your cellphone’s memory card gets formatted on its own due to some sort of virus, you know that your pictures on Instagram are safe. You can download them and keep them again with you whenever you want.

If you are fond of this app, but don’t have much detail about it, then maybe you want to know some of the coolest things related to it. We are here to tell you about the same. Read below to learn about some cool stuff related to Instagram:

  • You can always buy likes for some of your best posts on Instagram: If there is someone who wishes to gain popularity overnight, the best thing he can do is buy Instagram likes. However, he has to have some sort of a talent to portray or people will know his followers are all fake and thus, more people won’t follow him.
  • Taylor Swift’s cat is probably more popular than you on this social app: If you haven’t checked the posts of Taylor Swift’s cat, then maybe you should right now. It has a lot of pictures on Instagram and is probably more famous than you are right now on this app.
  • There are a few Instagram users who are paid for their posts: And trust us when we say that these are ordinary individuals! You can check the posts of such people.
  • You can always promote some brands if you have more likes and followers for your posts and profile: When brands see you have a huge amount of fan base and there are people who like and comment on your posts, they approach you and pay you to endorse and promote them.
  • There is an account by the name of Instagram, which is the most popular one on Instagram: Need we say more about this?
  • Justin Bieber is the most popular male artist on Instagram: Well, the “baby, baby” guy is surely the most popular guy on this social app.

If the above facts have surprised you, there is so much more to learn on this app. Go ahead and open your account today, if you don’t have one already!

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