Essential Rules of an Effective Web Design

Some business owners find it hard to understand why one can invest so much time and money in web design. Most of them think that as long as you have a functional website, they are good to go. Unfortunately, that is very far from the truth. It does not mean that you have to spend a fortune to get a good web design, but you should invest in ensuring you have a website that will work best for your business.

   The power of an effective website when it comes to the rate of conversion is beyond measure. How do you come up with a good web design? There are numerous principles that must be followed. However, it is easy to leave out some of these principles especially if you know nothing about them. This article aims at providing online business owners with some of web design rules that they must incorporate for efficiency.

Purpose comes first

   The first thing to consider is whether your web design caters for the needs of its users and visitors. For starters, what are your visitors looking for? Is it Interaction, information or entertainment? Every section of the website should have a clear goal and should fulfill your website users and visitors needs in the best way possible.


Communication is the key and one thing that should never lack in an effective website is clear information. Website visitors want to find what they are looking for fast and you should, therefore, make everything clear and make it easy to read and understand. You can do this by organizing your content by using headlines, subheading, bullet points rather than writing a long block of the article which can be boring to read.

Use of images

     It is a great idea to use images in your web design. It offers a visual form of communication, giving the visitors better ideas than texts. Make sure to use quality and relevant images that relate to what you are trying to communicate. Also, make them eye-catching.

User experience

     A good website should be easy to load and navigate. This is regardless of the device used; whether mobile phones or desktops. Nobody wishes to spend hours waiting for a website to load while there are other options. If it takes ages, the visitors are likely to move over to the next. How do you make a website easy to load? You can achieve that by optimizing the image sizes or combining code into JavaScript file which reduces HTTP requests to speed up load time. Moreover, it should b easy to navigate. This is about how easy it is for the users to move and take actions around your website. The best way to achieve easy navigation is by using the three-click rule, incorporating clickable buttons among others.

     Designing a website all by yourself can be hard. It requires expertise and skills for one to follow all the principles and use them in the right manner. You should consider getting the assistance of an Orange County web design agency and leave the task for the expert to handle and you can rest assured that you will get the best of website designs to stay ahead of your competitors.

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