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For acoustic/electric guitars and vocal mics, Fender has just the right amplifier. Please give a warm welcome to Acoustasonic40 – one of the company’s finest models to date. It’s not particularly fancy and doesn’t have a ton of controls to shape the sound, but it does prevail as a portable amp. Versatile, flexible, and easy-to-use, Fender’s offer could just be what you’ve been looking for your bedroom practices and jams on the tours. You might’ve heard about the well-advertised whizzer cone on the 6-inch speakers. Well, it actually is pretty awesome and makes this rather small amplifier sound like a bigger and stronger model.

It’s especially good at handling the high-end frequencies, something that can’t be said about most amps in the same price range. Now, we’re not saying that the highs sound like the Heavens on it, but, again, compared to the competition, the sound is more than satisfying. All in all, Fender Acoustasonic40 is a must-have for any beginner-level musicians that are looking for a low-budget amp to practice, study, and gain experience with. No matter the guitar you plug into it, the amplifier will do everything in its power to get you inspired by the lush and “tasty” tones. Ok, now let us dig a bit deeper and check out the rest of the features.

Fender Acoustasonic40 – What’s It All About?

So, with this amp, you’ll get 40 Watts at your disposal. It might not be enough even for a medium-sized venue, but if you’re planning on doing live gigs in small cafes around town, just know that you’ll be able to do that with Acoustasonic40. It comes with 2 channels and even an onboard reverb for some quick tryouts right there and then. Both channels have access to their separate EQs (they are pretty standard – Bass, mid, and Treble). The volumes are also controlled individually. We did say that it’s not particularly impressive when it comes to the available knobs, but for an entry-level amp, Fender Acoustasonic 40 is quite alright.

With the ¼-inch input, the users can connect the amplifier to most outboard devices, including a phone, a notebook, or a tablet and play along with their favorite tracks. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Plus, there’s a headphone out for, well, playing when everybody else is sleeping and you don’t want to disturb their peace. The cabinet is made of plywood, which is a huge advantage over most amps in this price range (they are made of plastic). And, it looks very rock-n-roll and will be a great addition to your studio, bedroom, or touring bus. Total impedance is 8 ohms.

How Big Is It and How Does It Sound?

The dimensions and the weight are very mobile-friendly. It is less than 30 centimeters high and weighs 16.5 pounds, which equals 7.5 kilograms. If you’re a grown-up man, it won’t be hard for you to carry it in one hand. For touring musicians that are focused on small-venue gigs and want to keep playing and practicing wherever they go, Fender offers an amazing solution. And what about the tones it generates? Are they on par with the best options on the market? Yes, they definitely are. You might still feel that the highs are a bit dull despite that whizzer; still, compared to others, it does hold its own, to say the least.

For the fans of acoustic and electric guitars, Fender Acoustasonic40 has enough “umph” to support even their craziest ideas. Add the company’s trademark attention to details, reliability, and durability, and you’ll get one tough act to follow. Fact: the pros won’t appreciate the lack of power, the less-than-perfect sound, and some other things that only the experts can notice. For the rest of us, this is an amp to be proud of!

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