Get the best of used iPhone at our desk

People looking out for used iPhone are at the very correct place. Here, you get a variety of choices from which you can choose your desired item. Usually going for a new one is what everyone looks for but what if you are getting something similar at a cheaper price. Considerably used for a good time, devices are been sold by their owners. This is how the chain continues. Well, what we do is buy the device from them and get it to you at a considerable price which is difficult to find in the market.

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Below is the list of device available with us.

  1. Apple iPhone 7 32GB Jet Black – £339.99
  2. Apple iPhone SE 16GB Space Grey – £109.99
  3. Apple iPhone 7 – £249.99
  4. Apple iPhone 4S 8GB Black – £49.99
  5. Apple iPhone 6S Plus – £239.99
  6. Apple iPhone 4 8GB Black – £39.99
  7. Apple iPhone 6S 32GB Silver – £179.99
  8. Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB Silver – £699.99
  9. Apple iPhone 7 Plus – £499.99
  10. Apple iPhone 7 32GB Rose Gold – £269.99
  11. Apple iPhone 7 32GB Black – £299.99
  12. Apple iPhone X 64GB Silver – £749.99
  13. Apple iPhone 6S 64GB Gold – £219.99
  14. Apple iPhone 4 – £34.99
  15. Apple iPhone 8 Plus – £699.99
  16. Apple iPhone 7 128GB Black – £349.99
  17. Apple iPhone 6 – £149.99

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So, this is the list of device that you can find at our store. Well, to be true there are more of the same device which can be found in the store. All do vary depending on the quality of the product. Therefore, go through the specifications properly before buying one.

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