Get to Know About the Best File Storing and Organizing Mechanism

When it comes to structuring and organizing data and content, businesses needs to pay great deal of attention as it is something that turns out to be vital. Storage of data and files has always been a huge cause of concern and when the system is not organized and maintained, the whole thing gets chaotic. Another major problem with storage is that one often gets confused with priorities, sizes and other such criterions. In such case, it would be best to choose and go for a reliable and trusted storage mechanism that provides a complete and organized file and data storage facility.

Best storage software

ArchiverFS is one of the hot and happening storage solutions from MLTek that guarantees perfect kind of storage option for all the files at one go. It turns out to be one of the simple yet efficient storage systems for migrating any kind of old files to second tier storage area. The best thing about the system is that it provides for second tier storage system so that you can have the first tier storage for most important files.

Features and facilities

ArchiverFS is known to have many interesting functionalities and this includes the migration of old files from any of the UNC Path to any other UNC path. There is a direct file access option which provides users for instant access to the file in just about few steps. There are also different kinds of stubs available that can very well be left behind in the place of migrated files. The software is known to support all kinds of versions and it provides for seamless compatibility. If you have an expensive first tier storage already then this form of storage comes across as a huge relief for second tier and third tier storage.

The website of MLTek provides for the complete account of information on ArchiverFS and includes all of the benefits and features that it comes with. You can also take a look at other interesting products that the website is known to offer for businesses. To get more information on the product and the company, visit here.


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