Getting an International Number with Google Voice

Are you currently a user of Google Voice, or have you been looking into using its services? If so, Google Voice is a powerful tool of communication that can help you manage all of your phones and mobile devices under one phone number (unifying up to 6 communication channels, including calls, SMS text messages, and voicemails). There are also a number of other functionalities that are handy features to have, such as time-of-day routing, which can make your life easier.

However, there is one key drawback to Google Voice — you cannot get an international number with Google Voice. This can be a make-it-or-break caveat that may defeat the purpose of using Google Voice in the first place, especially if you call outside to country or wish to receive calls from those who can’t dial outside of their location.

An Alternative Solution: Virtual Phone Numbers from Global Call Forwarding.

So, is there an option for those that have their hearts set on Google Voice for international calling? If you choose not to restrict yourself to Google’s limited services, and if you’re willing to forgo using Google Voice’s functionality, you can opt for virtual numbers from a dedicated service provider that can provide you with virtual phone numbers.

There are a vast number of service providers in the telecommunications market that offer equivalent services to Google Voice, as well as offering a number of features that increase the functionality of international phone numbers that even Google Voice doesn’t include.

A service provider like Global Call Forwarding can be your answer to Google’s limitations, as GCF uses a relatively new concept called international virtual phone numbers.

Thanks to cloud computing and VoIP advances, virtual phone numbers are phone numbers that serve several functions thanks to their instantaneous call routing capabilities. When a virtual phone number is dialed, the call is routed to something called a destination phone number (a phone number of your choice). When a call is made from a destination phone number to a phone number, the call appears on the caller ID with the attributes of the virtual phone number (not the actual number from which you’re originating the call).

Virtual Phone Number Providers

Service providers like Global Call Forwarding offer subscriptions to virtual phone numbers in nearly every country and region in the world. This means that if you are looking to have an Ireland phone number, but want to keep your Puerto Rico phone number as the destination number, you can. Callers won’t be able to tell the difference, as virtual phone numbers behave exactly the same as “normal” phone numbers. Callers in Ireland will be able to reach you easily, with no difference in their dialing to other local numbers, and with no knowledge that you may be situated in Puerto Rico.

Why Virtual Numbers are the Best Option for Versatility

As you may imagine, there are benefits to businesses and individuals that choose to use virtual phone numbers and forgo Google Voice’s services. Virtual phone numbers give you uninterrupted access, local credibility and authenticity, and the immediate functionality of VoIP service.

In actually, virtual phone numbers offer more benefits than Google Voice or normal phone numbers offer. Typically, service providers can offer add-on services, like outbound calling, call forwarding, call recording, and virtual SMS numbers. These add-ons can add new functionalities that Google Voice also doesn’t easily offer — and at very affordable prices. Google Voice is a product of Google, so bear in mind that there are a number of proprietary services that users of its service have to use, like communicating solely through Google Hangouts (an impossibility for recipients that prefer to send messages and media through Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.).

Similarly, if you are looking to get international toll free numbers (known as IFTS numbers) to expand your business, you can. Toll free numbers can be a crucial stepping stone for businesses that want to give their organization unlimited access. Customers in foreign countries can call your IFTS number and calls can be routed like toll free numbers and callers will not be billed.

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