Homebuilder Email Marketing

Marketing thrives on the number of times you make use of contact opportunities. The more times your product is visible to a potential customer, the higher the likelihood of making a sale. For that reason, you need to have a strategy that allows you to place your product often times to your customers and nothing does that well than email marketing. According to Forbes, email marketing can lead to an increase in customer acquisition of up to 400%. As a home builder, you need to embrace this marketing style for the following reasons:

Hiring is seasonal or often

Because you already have a file of subcontractors and seasonal hires, keeping this information in digital format will make your work much easier. You can have a sign up option added to your website which will allow for job seekers as well as potential bidders to get regular alerts. This way you will grow your contacts with almost zero effort on your part.

Information distribution to Employees

If you have employees scattered across States, communicating with them simultaneously can be challenging. By creating a list of employee emails as part of an email marketing system, will open fast communication lines. You can also have an employee portal created and which can be used for in-house announcements. Set an email system that will send the announcements via employee emails.

Showcase your Work

If you send newsletters to your subscribers, you can use the same as a channel to showcase your completed projects. The newsletters will help you engage with potential customers.  If the completed work is in your website, you can automate it to send them to your email list. Remember to send similar photos to the customers, prospects, and vendors to keep your brand at the top of their minds.

Educate on your services or products

An educational newsletter will help your clients and potential business partners get a clear picture on what services or products you offer. Compile a list of frequently asked questions and for each question, create an email addressing each issue; that way, you will free up your phone lines.

Follow Up on Leads

Lead generation is a tough task and following up on the same is even tougher. Failure to follow up on a lead is construed as a lack of interest by the customer. Using automated emails is an easy way to follow up on potential customers who if ignored, can choose your competitors’ services or products. The emails should be triggered at specific times and also when certain lead milestones have been reached. The first email should be sent immediately on receiving a lead. From there, pre-scheduled emails should be sent every once or twice a month.

Customers who engage with your brand will end up spending above average transactions which is paramount to a marketing strategy that is successful. It also leads to lead conversion because recipients are interested in the brand offerings. Potential customers are genuinely interested in knowing more on real estate opportunities and housing market. Hence, rather than eliminating all trust through pitching sales, homebuilder marketing via email will offer your customers with valuable and targeted solutions.

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