How an SEO Company Like Status Labs Can Improve Your Company’s Online Profile

SEO is in such high demand that SEO companies like Status Labs have become some of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. Major businesses in centers of commerce like Los Angeles, New York, London, and São Paulo are flocking to SEO. If you are looking to revamp your website or are building a website for the first time, you may have questions about SEO and how it could benefit your company. Let’s start off with the first question that most people ask: What exactly is SEO?

Fundamental Practices and Goals of SEO

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” This field involves the science and art of matching the content on a website to what people are searching for when they use search engines like Google. For example, if a person searches for the “best wireless mouse,” search engine optimization is what helps guarantee that the results match their query.

It is also responsible for determining which websites appear at the top of the search results. The websites that claim those top spots have created up-to-date content that is relevant to the keywords being searched. Search engine optimization is a tool that allows you to prove that you have answers to the questions and information related to the searches that potential customers have made. This allows you to generate leads and sales for years after you have published your website without needing to continuously pay out of pocket, as you would with pay per click advertising.

Search engine optimization has been shown to produce tangible results. Status Labs, for example, has helped many big names in various industries improve profits and reduce marketing costs by delivering organic traffic.

Relationship Between SEO and Marketing

Search engine optimization and marketing go hand in hand because they share a number of specific goals and objectives. Both marketing and search engine optimization focus on building brand awareness. One of the best ways for a new customer to learn about a product is to do a search for a problem or challenge that they are facing on Google and then have a website pop up on the first page of the search results for said problem or issue.

Marketing focuses on generating high-volume quality leads. So does search engine optimization. Search engine optimization creates inbound leads. By raising your website’s status in Google search results, your product gets exposed to more people and more clients who are actually interested in purchasing the product or service that you offer.

Marketing focuses on establishing thought leadership. Research shows that 80 percent of clicks go to the websites that appear in the first five spots of a Google search result. The remaining 20 percent is divided among the tens of thousands of other pages that show up for the same result on page two through infinity.

How an SEO Company Can Help Your Business

The internet is constantly evolving. The algorithms that search engines use to determine which spot a website gets in its return search results is constantly fluctuating. A top-notch SEO company like Status Labs needs to evolve with these changes and demonstrate the ability to flex based on new information, data, and algorithms.

Search engine optimization walks the balance between user experience and marketing. It forces businesses to create web content that is easy for the user to understand and offers something of quality. Of course, businesses want to market their product, but they can’t do it in a sloppy way. Working with an SEO company makes it easier for businesses to understand what search engines expect from websites with the goal of getting maximum exposure.

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