In-app advertisement is a smart initiative to get your business running in a new way. You can monetize in both ways, with the app or without the app. But the most used one is known to all is, the in-app advertising. In certain ways, in-app ads work well to generate quick revenue where it acts as a fine source of outcome. 

To get started with the in-app advertisement, you must following important things: 

1.    Choose an ad network 

It’s important to choose the right advertising network which can act as a right channel to get quick outcomes. There are several ad networks that exhibit different performance indicators, targeting options, ROI and multiple ad formats. 

To select the best ad network you need to have some answers to these questions:

  • Who’s your targeted audience?
  • What is your audience’s location?
  • What is your primary goal?

2.    Select the right in-app ad format

Your in-app ad must include five factors including banner, interstitial, native, video and offer wall. These are the formats that include advertisement. They are the ad formats from the most basic ones to the newest one. 

3.    Choose the right ad pricing mode

There are multiple pricing models used for in-app advertising app. the most used ones are;

•    Cost Per Mile (CPM)

•    Cost Per Click/Pay Per Click (CPC/PPC)

•    Cost Per Action (CPA)

These three models are used to reaching your desired profit.


Mobile web ads appear on the websites which you normally go through. They are somehow very irritating from an individual’s perspective. Whereas the in-app advertising platform is also a mobile app which comes within the apps you use. It’s no irritating but you can skip it anytime you want and there are a lot more chances of you to earn from the in-app ads. 

Most of the people prefer apps and their smart features such as tracking location while waiting for your cab to arrive. The advanced campaigns and features make in-app ads highly targeted and profitable from a business’s perspective. 


With the trend going on from the past few years is pretty odd where people are used to downloading and using mobile apps for free. If they pay for an app one time they wish to avail it for free every time they use it in a lifetime. Well, it was a policy created to help people or more like a marketing strategy to drive the audience’s attention. With the changing world, people have not changed, they still wanted to download apps in exchange for money. To make a solution out of it in-app plays a key role where the ads you see while using an app is actually making money for somebody. The new in-app is a modern way to reach your audience’s sustainability and your target also. 

Many developers prefer in-app purchases because it is a smart way to get quick outcomes of ad revenue and a path to monetization.

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