How to know if your security camera is hacked?

Most of the residential and commercial areas are installing security camera in their premises to increase the security. While these are extremely beneficial, it is necessary to know that these may be prone to hacking as well. Taking small precautions can prevent your camera from being hacked.

Most people don’t even know that their security camera is hacked. Often the hackers may gain access to personal videos and images and stream it across different platforms. These live stream footage can monitor and makes the system prone to hacking. Hackers may access your camera and even broadcast the image and video.

How to know? 

It is necessary to keep a check with the activity of your security camera to know whether or not it is hacked. If your security camera is hacked, the other people will gain access and potentially lead to others accessing your system. The increased threat can be a major reason for the hacked security camera.

Various factors over time may contribute towards the security camera being hacked. Some of the prominent ways through which you can detect that your security camera is hacked include the following

Strange noise from the camera

One of the main reasons why the security camera is hacked that it deflects unnatural noise. Often you may not even know that the camera is hacked. If you hear or detect any strange noise from your camera, it can be a depiction that the camera is hacked. This eventually implies that someone else is keeping a check or rather spying on you.

Security setting

When anyone gains access to your CCTV camera, there are high chances that they will change the settings. Therefore, it is necessary that you keep a check to it. You need to check the security setting and Chan the password. The hacker often leads some information behind. Hence, you may prefer keeping a check on it.

Blinking LED Light

The webcam that is hacked will become prominent with the help of blinking light. If you have a website, the LED light will keep blinking. If you notice any such blinking light, you need to ensure that you change the default settings. Moreover, the blinking light is a clear indication of the website being hacked. This can however protect you from different viruses.


If your security camera follows your movement, it is a clear indication that it is hacked. The hacked camera will show unusual movement and different positioning.

If you are looking forward to how to hack your company’s hikvision recorder, it is necessary to keep a check on it. Someone else may break into your system thereby posing different risks to your security.


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