How to Make Your Website Look Professional and Trustworthy

Starting a website involves hard work and patience. To be able to succeed, you must first learn how to establish your website and gain the trust of your visitors. People these days are very careful and particular when it comes to websites they patronize especially when it involves them to process payments for products or services. In this article, we will share some tips on how to make your site look professional and trustworthy that will eventually help you gain trust and support of your visitors.

  1. Choose your URL and website name – choose simple and direct to the point URL name. You can use your business name or combine words to come up with a unique domain, name but be sure to research the meaning of the word that you will come up with. The last thing that you want to do is drive away your visitors.
  2. Secure your site with SSL certificate – it is very important that users feel their personal information and credit card details are safe. They usually check if the site is using https meaning it has an SSL certificate. SSL certificates provide secure and encrypted communications between a website and Internet browser making it safe for users to give out personal information and billing details.
  3. Use easy to navigate template –when designing or planning the layout of your site, make sure to consider what your visitors will find easy. Users hate complicated layouts and it can easily make them leave if they cannot find what they are looking for. There’s huge selection of website templates from Sitebeat ID that you can choose from based on your niche.
  4. Publish complete contact information page –one of the most common pages that users check when they’ve come across a new site is the Contact Us page. They want to ensure that they can contact you in case there’s a problem. Therefore, you should make sure to provide complete contact details including email address, phone number, mobile number, Skype ID and of course office address.
  5. Link your official social media accounts – seeing your social media accounts give users relief that you’re actually real and not just a dummy site that tries to scam people.
  6. Have a FAQ section – this page is one of the first few sections they visit. It is advisable to guide your users on important things like signing up, adding funds, placing an order and other things that you want them to do on your website.
  7. Incorporate a Live Chat feature – lastly, it would be great to have a Live Chat feature wherein users can chat with a live person real time about any questions or clarifications about your site, products or services. You can hire one or two customer service representatives or you can even do it yourself. This will definitely give you a plus factor.

These are some effective tips that will make your website look professional. You cannot blame visitors if they are meticulous especially if they are new to your site. Of course, they want to know if the company or the website is legit and if it is safe for them to do transactions using the site. Once you have earned trust among your visitors, then you can start expecting more sales to come in.

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