How to Prevent Home Internet Identity Theft

Today internet has become one of the household commodities, without which a family will feel alienated from the rest of the world. But the same internet can wreck a havoc, if your family gets exposed to the hands of cyber-criminals. One cannot even guess what and all they can do with the information they get to access. But the worst among all this is if they steal your identity. The worst effect of such Identity theft is when someone unauthorized gains access to your personal accounts, like financial, social or social media, internet service details. It could include anything like bank account or credit card details, emails, wi-fi information or Facebook account and use them for criminal intentions.

To save yourself and your family from such a risk of identity theft, you need to ensure web security. And that you can achieve by following these simple steps.

Do Not Click on Links Received from Unsolicited Emails

The first step pf protection is stop yourself from sharing your own identity details to unsolicited requests. We all know by now, that our banks and any other authorities that are linked to our identity already are having enough of our information during the time we signed up for their services. So they will never ask for any more information by clicking on a link sent by them to reset your password for updating your debit or credit card details. If there is any necessity, it will ask you right on their webpage and not through private emails. So never ever click on any such link.

Stay Upgraded with the Latest Software Versions

There is a continuous tussle going on between the good and evil forces, even in the world of cyberspace. The software we use are continuously updating and upgrading themselves to keep you stay protected against the cyber-criminal activities.

So, even though the process of updating and upgrading is time-consuming, they should not be avoided or postponed under any circumstances. These upgrades are for security issues without which your personal information can be at risk. So keep al your digital devices upgraded to save your identity.

Make Online Purchases Only from Trusted Sources

Online shopping has now caught the frenzy as it saves us a lot of time, energy while having wonderful return policies, that we all badly need. But while making a purchase online, make sure, you buy from trusted sources like Amazon, eBay, and those who have earned the trust of users over these years.

Before you enter any of your personal details, check out if the site is using a secure encryption that begins with “https://” instead of simply “http://” and if it is a new site, Google them before signing up. Same is with the online wallets.

Watch your Account Activities Regularly

Make a habit of regularly checking up your online bank accounts, credit score, and social media accounts. Look for any signs of irregular activity, and if you find one do not ever ignore them. If you have missed or lost any mail or particularly bills, if your phone or wallet have been lost or stolen, take immediate action to block them and secure your personal identity information as soon as possible.

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