International Call Forwarding Lets You Expand Internationally

Are you considering different strategies for your business to expand into new international territories? You may have been considering setting up shop via a brick-and-mortar presence, but found the costs to be too steep for your fledgling startup. However, there’s a much more elegant solution: international call forwarding. In this article, we will delve into how international call forwarding lets business’ expand internationally in the most efficient manner possible.

What is International Call Forwarding?

Thanks to the recent advancements in Internet-based calling and cloud computing, like VoIP (“Voice over Internet Protocol”) and virtual phone numbers, it has never been easier to get in touch with international customers to aid in your business’ expansion efforts.

Essentially, international call forwarding allows your business to instantaneously route phone calls from your business’ phone number to international phone numbers. This is significant, because it allows your business to circumvent the barriers that international service providers have in place to block this activity or charge long-distance fees for the privilege of doing so.

International call forwarding is part of what makes virtual phone numbers such a powerful tool for business expansion. Essentially, a virtual phone number allows calls made to it to be routed to another phone number (“the destination phone number”) instantly to anywhere around the world. This means that if you wanted to expand your US-based business to France, all you have to do is subscribe to a virtual phone number service with international call forwarding service and voila!, you can start doing business with French customers.

As you can guess, there are numerous benefits associated with international call forwarding. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Benefits of International Call Forwarding for International Expansion

Meeting customers on their own terms: Have you ever received a phone call from an area code that you don’t recognize? What about a call originating from a completely different country? How likely are you to pick up that call? The answer is “not very likely.” Luckily, with international call forwarding (coupled with an “outbound calling” add-on), you can appear on customers’ and clients’ caller IDs with a phone number that reflects the country code and area/ region code that they are familiar with.

Professional Credibility: Toll free numbers are a powerful way of giving your business professional credibility and authenticity in new markets. Most consumers are unaware of how readily they are available through service providers, but there’s a problem: If you use domestic toll free numbers in international markets, they won’t work. This is because international callers are charged long-distance fees or blocked outright by their phone service provider. This defeats the purpose of offering toll free numbers to capture international customers.

Luckily, there are ITFS numbers (short for “International Toll Free Service Numbers”), which use international call forwarding to offer toll free numbers to international callers. These ITFS numbers allow callers in international markets to dial the phone number and reach your business toll-free and without being blocked by their service provider.

Cost-Effectiveness: If you’ve been looking to set your business on foreign soil in nearly any country around the world, you’re probably already familiar with how much capital, time, and effort is necessary to even begin the process. With international call forwarding, you can sidestep these barriers that plague businesses focused on having a physical presence (which is becoming less and less necessary in the 21st century). Instead, a simple subscription to a virtual phone number service provider with international call forwarding cuts down these costs and efficiently makes your business a player in the international marketplace.

Added Functionality: International call forwarding may already seem versatile for your business, but did you know that by using add-ons to your service, you can exponentiate your international expansion efforts? For instance, your business can use a “call recording” add-on to augment your international calling efforts. Call recording allows your business to record and store all inbound and outbound calls to ensure that your employees and customers are complying with international regulatory committees, which has been mandated for industries like finance and banking.

by Tom Senkus

Author’s Bio: As an international entrepreneur, Tom Senkus shares his knowledge with startups and small businesses that are seeking to capture an international market. For more info about his published work and services, visit his website at

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