Moto Tec MT-SKT-1600 – A quick review

The Moto Tec is a best of an electric skateboard that could easily be called one of the best-off road electric skateboard if not the best electric skateboards because of its design and other specifications. The price is very reasonable for these cool specifications. It’s a board that one would love riding all day!

This is our review of the Moto Tec MT-SKT-1600 – A New Technology Gadget

Firstly, the build quality. The deck is made from 12ply maple which is nice. It not very flexible to absorb those bumps but they thought of that.

Overall the Moto Tec is built as an off road electric skateboard with a solid build quality and some other cool features for an electric skateboard.

First off, the Moto Tec has a system for taking shocks.It has springs on all four wheels to make sure that your ride isn’t very rough. This ensures a smooth ride especially when you’re off-roading.

Another thing that makes it extremely fun is the massive wheels that are meant for going on rocks and an off reading surface. They are inflatable as well. The big wheels make the board high which is good, especially for large rocks.

When you flip the board, you see that there are 2 big motors a huge case for batteries and a heatsink to keep things cool. The batteries are not lithium ion, which is kind of disappointing, they are Lead Acid which means they are big and heavy. They do give you the option to remove the casing and have a check on the Lead-Acid batteries or change them if you need to. The heat-sink also does a good job of keeping things cool if you plan on riding the board for a long period of time.

Another cool thing about this board is that its water resistant.

Again, it’s water-resistant, not water-proof, which means that it can prevent some water from entering the components but that doesn’t mean you purposely ride it in the rain or drive into puddles.

Let’s get the specifications down now. It has 2 800 Watts motor which means it has 1600 Watts.

According to the manufacturer, this thing can go up to 18-22 miles per hour depending on the weight of the rider which is more than enough to get goosebumps. The board is belt driven which is fine. It has a 36 Volt 14 AH battery which is nice. You can top it up in 3 to 5 hours.

The board has 2 different kinds of modes which are slow and fast. They have different top speed and you can change them using the remote.

Speaking of the remote, it’s shaped like a gun which makes it weird. The remote isn’t of the best quality but it gets the job done. It tells you your speed, the mode, and other things.

So, coming to the off reading. Off roading on this board is fun because it’s meant for that. It has springs and huge wheels for riding on rough terrains. Because of these amazing features in the board, we think it’s one of the best off roading boards you can buy for the money.

The company has good support, it offers a 30 days parts replacement so you don’t have to worry if any component defects.

Lastly, we have the price. The price is something that’s a make or break deal and in our opinion, this thing is very well priced, especially compared to other electric boards.

This thing costs of around $630 USD which is decent looking at the ample features it has! So, it’s something that worth.

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