Must-dos Before Designing a Brand New Website

Too often business owners think that if they get a web design agency to design them a brand new spanking website, they will see big changes in their marketing. There is absolutely no denying that a business website and an online presence are important, but it can only do so much… In essence, if a business website fails to create leads, it is not doing its job well enough.

So, before you design a new website, make sure that you first complete these four steps.

Evaluate the current website

Your first step is to see where your weaknesses are, because otherwise you will not know which elements need more TLC. The last thing you want to do is change one of your website’s current strengths! Ultimately you want to be able to see where your visitors click and how they navigate their way around your website.

Why not ask your workers or family to search your website carefully by paying specific attention to its design, level of mobile friendliness, loading times and overall functionality? Their honest input might be just what you need (even though you would prefer not to hear it).

If you want to win more customers, your website must boast the best user experience. In fact, according to Econsultancy nearly 90% of users are less inclined to visit a website again if the user experience was not great.

Find out more about statistics that point to great website design practice.

Consider who your perfect customer is

In order to understand your customers better, you will need to gain an understanding of their goals and views. One way to do this is to create a buyer persona. Basically, to create a buyer persona you have to take the actions, goals, demographics and personalities of your actual clientele and put these together to create a fictional character. Only once you have identified what your perfect customer desires and requires will you be able to adjust your marketing efforts successfully.

Look at the website’s conversion rate

If you want to generate more leads (which should be one of your main goals), you will have to see to it that all the calls to action, articles and the rest of your website content speak to the buyer persona that you have identified. Basically everything on your website – from its design to the imagery – should resonate with your buyer personas. By creating evergreen website content that stay relevant, your website will always have content that your customers will want to click on and read.

Figure out a way to turn a lead into a customer

So you have figured out how you can turn a visitor into a lead. The next step now is to formulate a plan for how you will turn these leads into paying customers. Luckily with the help of the right customer relationship management systems (CRM), you can identify what you are not getting just quite right yet. It might just be something simple as changing your newsletters.

So, before you want to redesign your website, first take another look at your marketing plan. A brand new website will only be truly effective after you have identified how you will generate leads and then turn these new leads into loyal, paying customers. Sometimes big changes only require a couple of small steps…

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