Now Downloading Music from YouTube on Your Mac Gets Easier

If you though, Spotify or iTunes are the most in demand music channel, then you got it all wrong. The one that is in huge demand all across the world is none other than YouTube. Each minute about on YouTube, around 300 hours of video gets uploaded. You can very well create a blend of songs which you like as per your preference and taste on YouTube. Listening to YouTube music on Mac is easy but it does not turn out being that trouble-free and expedient on a portable device such as an iPod or iPad.

But things can get easier as there is tons of YouTube music downloader for mac.

With the help of options like with Elmedia Player PRO, Airy you can easily download Music from YouTube on your Mac without any kind of trouble.

We present before you a few of the most viable solutions to download YouTube music for Mac:

  • One of the most reliable YouTube downloader for Mac comes in the form of Airy. Downloading and installing it on your Mac is effortlessly easy. With the free version you can download two videos, but with the paid version, you can enjoy unlimited downloading.

  • In your web browser, open the YouTube video which you want to get downloaded.

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  • Then in Airy you need to paste the link of that video and select the format in which you want it to get downloaded. Then you have to click on the option Download.

  • Now integrating Airy together with your web browser gets easy too. This way when you are at and want to save any video you want to download, all you have to do is click on the Airy bookmark and there is your video, all set to get downloaded.

Why should you opt for Airy:

  • You will be able to seamlessly download all the videos in a batch.

  • Without any issue you can download the entire channel or playlist.

  • You can also download age-restricted music or videos. All you need to do is simply log into your YouTube account and you are good to proceed.

  • Again the other alternative to Airy is the Elmedia Player. Not only will it help to download music for Mac it also turns out being an excellent player when it comes to downloaded content.

  • Elmedia Player will also be able to download the whole YouTube playlist or the channel.

This is how you can download it for Mac through Elmedia:

  • First you need to download and install the software free Elmedia. Then you can proceed and activate the PRO version. You will get an activation code from the website of the developers.

  • Simply paste the link which you want to download and press Enter.

  • Select the file and the format in which you want.

The files simply get saved in the Downloads folder. But if you want you can change it as per your preference. It does support a wide number of files too, and you can still use it, even if you are using Airy as the YouTube music downloader.

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