Pictures of World of Warcraft, ways to get them, their purpose

The famous computer game World of Warcraft is considered one of the most popular. She has won many awards and has a huge number of subscribers. It is not for nothing that both novices and experienced gamers like to play it.

The game has a wide variety of characters, which at the very beginning of the game cannot perform many actions. After all, they have no experience, no weapons. On the site, you have the opportunity to buy a promotion in World of Warcraft – wow boost. Its essence lies in the accumulation of points and resources that our team produces. And in the meantime you will be freed from boring work and can use your free time on your own.

Game characters of World of Warcraft belong to different classes. Any of them can have personal pets (combat and non-combat pets). The Hunter or Warlock class can have the first pet on the first level. Only these classes are available fighting pet.

During the game, the Hunter can tame the pet, and the Warlock learn it. These actions depend only on your ability and personal desire to make these manipulations. When your level grows enough, you will have very hardy pet with great power.

The appointment of combat companions to help in the battles in the game, and not combat ones are designed to accompany you during your travels and to entertain you, and to please you with your presence.

There are basic ways to get satellites.

  • You are awarded a pet for performing various tasks.
  • After defeating a combat pet in battle, you can take it.
  • When performing certain achievements, you can receive by mail not a combat satellite.
  • Acquisition of pet from a merchant, collector.
  • Alternatively, you can kill the inhabitant of Azeroth to get his pet, for which he courted.
  • Receiving a satellite as a reward or prize at various festivals held by World of Warcraft throughout the year.
  • Some professions (engineering, archeology, and mining) enable you to independently produce and create personal pets.

In World of Warcraft there is a huge number of different animals. But the most expensive and rare of all is Tyrael. He is the character of one of the exciting games, the developer of which is Blizzard. You can get it with lutcart or buy it for real money, but it is expensive.

Beautiful companions are the Ghost Tiger, the Air Serpent Hyacinth Macaw. They are considered collectible pets, and their owner will be respected, because very few people can have them.

Numerous pets are interesting and beautiful each in its own way, the final choice is yours. By purchasing boost wow in our company, raids, dungeons and much more will be available to you, which will make the game even more exciting and exciting.

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