Smart Answers to 4 Common Interview Questions

When there is any open position in a company, the interviewer interviews hundreds of people in order to fulfil the requirement. Mostly, the interviewer looks for someone who can do the job, who really wants to do the job, who can easily fit into the culture and most importantly who won’t quit the job.

The smartest answers in an interview are always positive and showcase that the candidate is fit for the job. Irrespective of whether it’s call center jobs or networking jobs, it’s crucial to answer smartly. So, here is the list of smart answers to some of the common questions:

  • Be well prepared for the first question, which is very common that every interviewer will ask in an interview. ‘Tell me about yourself?’

Always answer this question in a positive, clean and simple way. Make the interviewer believe that you have the ability and desire to do the job. In short, your answer should be directly relevant.

Never mug up your resume and recite to the interviewer.It will make a bad remark for sure. If you are a fresher and are being interviewed for a sales position, then you can say that you are a person who loves challenges. If you are experienced and are trying to switch your career, then highlight your transferable skills.

  • Why Should I Hire You?

By asking this question, the interviewer is looking for an answer related to what sets you apart from the other candidates. Think deeply and find out what your strength is that closely relates to this particular job description. Simply explain to him your skill sets and qualities that will perfectly suit the required position. Showcase your strength that sets you apart from the other candidates.

  • Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

Keep it simple, but answer in a smart way. In the coming five years, you should make a great impact on the company’s profit-making path and should be responsible for all in-house activities. Remember one thing.If you are not applying for the post of supervisor then the hiring manager is least bothered about your answer. Tell them how you are going to be a key factor in making profit for the company.

  • When Can You Start?

Don’t get too excited on hearing this question.It is nowhere a confirmation that you have been shortlisted. So, if you are working somewhere, be honest about the start date to prove you are a professional. You may talk to your current employer and if possible serve the notice period. If you are not working and very much available, then tell them you may start working from the next day.

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