The Assembly Services Provided during the Production of PCBs

Electronic assembly services are services which are provided by the different PCB companies where the different electronic components like circuits, discrete components and several other elements are joined together to perform a single function. These manufacture the different mechanical and electronic assemblies. It also helps in production of subassemblies, circuit boards, wire harness, control panels, box builds and electronic cables. It facilitates control, management, invention, procurement of different parts, and checking of capacity of storage. These assembly services lead to rebuilt, repair and customize the different electronic components used. There are different services provided.

Different electronic assembly services provided

  • SMT PCB assembly- this is a process of production of electronic circuits where the where the components are directly mounted on the surface of PCBs and thus the device formed is called SMD(surface mount device).these are basically used for larger components which are not suitable for surface mounting like heat sinking semi conductors and large transformers. It is simple and smarter assembling service.
  • Hole assembly service- in this particular process, holes are drilled on the circuit boards and are filled with lead. This is also one of the mounting schemes used where lead as used as one of the components for electric circuit boards. Then they are soldered using different electrical devices for better working of circuit boards.
  • Leadless placement service- in this particular service, leadless chips are fixed or inserted on the circuit boards as mounting application. The main benefit of this service is that it is lead inductance, less weight and its thin profile. For proper heat inductances, thermal vias are introduced in the thermal pads. After all the components are placed, it is soldered and is ready for use.

There are many other services provided but these are few which are used in the production of PCBs.

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