The Best Retro Website Templates to use for Inspiration 

Retro designs are hugely popular among trendy websites and blogs. Vintage themes, colors and styling resonate with users who associate retro designs with print materials and high quality artistry. If you’re thinking about installing or creating a retro design template of your own then you should check out some of these inspiring examples from remarkable websites. These retro website templates use classic themes, vintage decor, and creative ‘throwback’ stylistic elements to create an engaging unified retro look and feel.

1. IC Blind

This website is perfectly retro without overdoing it. The most prominent aspect of this well-designed retro template is the golden textured background which is reminiscent of aged paper and wine labels. The gold and red tones used throughout the site are a great example of classic retro color pairing. Consider using a golden-brown background with red fonts for an instant retro theme.


Birdie is a personal studio website that’s created with retro styling and templates. This site uses muted yellow colors and a minimalist design to bring modern artistic services through a vintage template. Images and sketches of vintage birdcages and other retro-themed items help draw the design together. This statically designed website proves that their is still a place for non-responsive templates on the web.

3. Borderland

Borderland is a design template for those wanting to build retro and vintage websites. This template can be downloaded and used or simply viewed for inspiration when creating your own vintage designs. Notice the large faded graphics and timeless typography used throughout the template. This is a WordPress website template, so if you’ve got WordPress web hosting then you can install or replicate it with ease.

4. The NY Moon

The New York Moon is a radio-themed website that looks like an old newspaper. This is a classic retro theme that can easily be created with any blog or website. If you have WordPress web hosting then look for a newspaper type layout you can spruce up with retro style bold typography and images. This well-designed template is inspirational for any retro website.

5. The Antique Piano Shop

There’s hardly a better topic for retro design templates than antiques and classical music-related websites. This website that sells antique pianos has found a way to display posts and pages using retro colors, typography, and sketches. The italicized fonts and images of antiques help unify this vintage theme. Consider using vintage images and bringing antiques into your theme to give it an authentic retro design.

6. Thunderfuel

If you have flash-compatible web hosting then you might want to check out this amazing retro template design before building your own website. This company uses shadowing and artistic paint splotches to create a rustic metal-sign look for their primary images. This compelling design reminds one of an old-time gas station or repair shop. Consider using faded reds and yellows with mid-tone, muted blues to enhance the vintage appearance of any design template.

7. Extinct 

Extinct is a retro design template that works well for a wide variety of blogs and websites. This vintage-looking website template is fully responsive and uses faded colors and photos to create a stunning retro appearance. Consider using pointing hand and carnival-type graphics like the ones shown on this template demonstration to give your site a more vintage and fun interface.

8. Level 2 Design

This web design company clearly knows how to create stunning retro templates. The first image shown on their site is a world map with a vintage TV effect over it, much like television images shown in the 1950’s. Consider using black and white graphics like this on your site, with added filters and effects like an old, fuzzy television or sepia tones to create a retro appearance.

9. Secundo

Secundo is a vintage website design template that can be used to create a retro WordPress blog. This template uses modern features like image sliders and responsive, full-width design while maintaining a retro overall theme. Notice the moss colored borders and sepia tones throughout this site for inspiration for your own retro design project. This theme was created using HTML5 and CSS3.

10. Retro Portfolio

The Retro Portfolio design template for WordPress themes is a great example of retro done right. This template uses muted colors and vintage styling to display portfolios for any web or graphics designer, artist, or photographer. If you’re looking for inspiration for your portfolio projects then inspect this theme’s use of vintage colors and drop-shadowed fonts. 

These 10 retro websites templates make some of the best vintage-themed sites on the web. Consider using some of the elements found on these templates to create your own retro themed website. The typography, images, and sketches found on these inspiring websites can all serve as points of inspiration for aspiring retro-themed template designers.


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