The Differences Between CMMS and CAFM

More and more people are moving towards using computers for everything from leisure to employment. With this frequent use in the computer world comes the need to learn terminology associated with them. Two examples of this are CMMS and CAFM. To the average person, these mean nothing to them and sound all the same. But, CMMS and CAFM are completely different. But what makes them that way? Is it really important to know the difference between CMMS and CAFM? Service Channel says that they have many similarities but have serious differences between them.

What is a CMMS? The long name is Computerized Maintenance Management System. Basically, a CMMS is a component of CAFM software which job is to handle the maintenance.  It keeps your computer up and running properly. The software works with the cost of maintenance, keeps detailed records of equipment history, and provides visibility into labor resources. Without it, maintenance work will fall apart and create a mess for the workers. When that happens, that company will not be able to function properly. CMMS software can be seen in equipment such as chillers, boilers, or HVAC systems. Companies have to use this system if they own their building to keep everything together.

What is a CAFM? It stands for Computer-aided facility management. The facility manager has access to the administrative tools. They are granted the ability to track, manage, report, and plan facilities operations. CAFM is reserved for the managers, bosses, and the higher-ups in a business setting. The software can be seen in a automated facility and real estate management. CAFM can work with many platforms and helps facility managers  plan and track how their facilities are used. They can also schedule repairs and preventive maintenance, monitor work orders, and adhere to compliance standards all thanks to the software itself. Having CAFM help to know the costs by displaying repair, maintenance, and upkeep service records for all facilities locations. This software also helps with hiring new workers. They hold contractor databases that keep contractor locations, accreditations, and contact information nice and neat all in one place. In short, the manager that has the CAFM basically has all of the power of the system.

Why is it important to know the difference? That all depends on what a person does with their job. If someone works with the hard maintenance of a system, it would be helpful for them to know all about CMMS. If a person is in a higher position with the computers, they will need to know more about CAFM. Plus, knowing the difference will help to know which updates will work properly with the software. When trouble does arrive, knowing the difference between the software will help to know how to work on the repairs. Knowing the difference between both software will help to keep everything in order. With CAFM, managers can keep track of everything that goes on in their employees and company. Meanwhile with CMMS, the maintenance is kept in line. Knowing of both software will make a company look more professional and help them to grow in the years to come.

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