The Importance of Mobile-Friendly Responsive UX/UI Design

“Mobile does not reward feature richness.” – Fred Wilson, Venture Capitalist

Are you considering building a mobile app to add value to your brand’s marketing strategy? If so, there are a couple of considerations to take into account before you begin with the app’s development:

It is critical to pay particular attention to the app’s user interface (UI) design as well as its overall user experience (UX). The fact of the matter is that, as the quotation mentioned above by Fred Wilson states, a mobile device does not have the resources to allow for a feature-rich app. Consequently, it is essential to employ UI design services from Polished Pixels.  


Simply stated, a professional UX/UI design company has the skills, knowledge, and experience to apply the latest UX design methodologies to ensure a user-friendly, well-functioning end result. If you do not spend the time and the resources on ensuring that the design of your app is not based on industry best practices, you run the risk of chasing your target audience straight into your competitor’s arms.

Reasons for ensuring a mobile-responsive UX/UI design

As stated above, the primary reason for employing UX/UI design best practice methods is that the result will be a product that is usable and user-friendly.  Here are several reasons why a quality, user-friendly mobile app is vital:

Customer loyalty

The consumer tends to be brand-loyal if you give him reason to be. By the same token, it takes very little for the consumer to get frustrated with a brand and to look at other brands in the same category. Therefore, if you provide your target audience with a great user experience when using your mobile app, they are more likely to turn into a repeat customer.

Effective advertising

A user-friendly app will more than likely take longer and cost more to develop. However, because a higher number of your target audience will convert from users into repeat customers, your ROI will be more significant. In fact, because measuring the monetary value of brand reputation is not a simple matter, your ROI on a user-friendly app will be far higher than just the increase in your sales figures.

Cost-effective development

Implementing UX/UI design best practices might cost you more money initially for the development of the mobile app than if you ignore UX and IU design. However, you then run the risk of producing an app that is difficult to use. Consequently, driving users away instead of converting them into repeat customers. Essentially, you will save money in the long run if you pay attention to UX design because the severe design flaws will be rooted out during the development phase.

Increased sales figures

A usable, user-friendly app will play a significant role in, not only retaining existing customers but it will also help your business attract new customers. This, in turn, will drive up your company’s sales figures as well as increase its overall profitability. Finally, the increase in profit will add value to your business by improving your return on investment statistics.

Final words

The takeaway point here is that employing a trusted UI UX design company such as Polished Pixels to design your brand’s mobile app will add incredible value not only to the brand but your overall business operation.

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