Useful Server Monitoring Tools that You Can Use

Currently, countless monitoring tools are available. The most of convenient server monitor tools for you to use depends on the business infrastructure that you intend to monitor. The time and resources you have also matters. Server monitoring is essential because it tracks the performance of your various web services, IT infrastructure and applications. With it, you can detect failures in your network system before they cause any substantial damages. You are also able to manage your IT needs. Here are some tools that you can use to ensure that your server is always running smoothly. With them, you can maximize your productivity and improve the quality of your services.

SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor

This is one of the best server monitoring software. You can use it to track the availability and status of servers. It helps to monitor the performance of your server, real-time processes, server data storage as well as disk usage. With it, you can restart services and kill processes. Its dashboard is customizable, which allows you to create one that you prefer.


Anturis is one of the simple and affordable server monitor tools that you can use for monitoring server performance. If you want to analyze historical data, this is the right tool for you. It is also effective in monitoring data usage, RAM as well as CPU load. It supports voice calls, SMS, alter notifications and customizable notifications email. Other uses include checking open ports and monitoring the connectivity between various devices.


This tool is free and effective in monitoring IT infrastructures and networks. Zabbix allows you to observe thousands of servers. You can also use it to monitor network devices and virtual machines at the same time.

WhatsUp Gold

You need WhatsUp Gold to understand your network systems. It scans them using various routing protocols and ensures that there are no duplicate devices in the network. The tool provides several variations that are based on your needs and the size of your IT infrastructure. It comes with a lot of features that include extensive scalability, deep integration and both remote and local monitoring. It also monitors CPU usage, temperature and traffic load.


This tool is for you if you want to manage your network performance efficiently. The best thing about it is that it does not require any maintenance cost. It comes with an event-driven architecture, and it is designed to remotely monitor various services and applications. The tool is uniquely connected, and it keeps you up to date on the newest and best practices.


This is a server monitoring tool that is created explicitly for high-performance computing systems; like grids and clusters. It engineers various algorithms and data structures to ensure that your systems are maximally efficient. It can also leverage popular technologies like XDR that is used for data transfer. This monitoring system is used by many large clusters all over the world.

Server monitoring tools are essential if you want to run your site or business enterprise successfully. The benefits you enjoy will depend on the tool you are using and how you are doing it. Various free trials are available, and you can try some of them to determine the best tool for your needs.

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