Using Your Agora for teaching English as a second language

Your Agora is an ideal ESL platform for teachers teaching English as a second language to students all over the world with its large and rich content of learning material created and contributed for teachers all over the world. It is a free ESL platform for students and teachers with paid subscriptions available for schools, institutions and companies.

Its features of create your own content enables teachers and contributors to create their own content and assign it to respective courses and classes and invite students to join their learning programs. These ESL lesson plans can make teaching English as a second language more interesting, interactive and easy by using videos, pictures, text, word list etc within the learning content. These ESL lesson plans and content can be modified, changed and altered any time by tutors making updating curriculum a simple task.  

Using its auto-grade feature, test and assignment in true or false questions, matching, multiple choice and fill in the blanks exercises format can be graded immediately and written test and assignments can be reviewed, graded and there is a feature that allows adding comments and feedback, making teaching English as a second language a breeze.

Using its tag search features, tutors and students can filter ELS lesson plans relevant to their learning courses and using its search features, learners can find relevant course material through volumes of catalogue of learning material.

Students and learners can also use its export and print feature to make hardcopies of their study and learning material in order to access it online, without need to access computer or mobile phone devices. While Your Agora is an excellent platform for teaching English as a second language, it is not a suitable place for non-English speaking learners to learn the English language using its ESL lesson plans.

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