What Is Digital Forensics And Why Is It So Important In Order To Settle Business Disputes?

When it comes to collecting pieces of evidence related to any case, be it about law firms or even to aid the government investigations or evidence collection at a personal level, digital forensic is the most powerful tool. It includes collecting evidence from all digital devices and social media platforms. However, when hiring digital forensic experts for your company, you must hire the ones with a track record of resolving a significant number of complex cases. That’s the only way in which you can expect to end up with competitive people only.

How Does Digital Forensic System Works?

To begin with, reputed forensic firms like Elijaht digital forensics is a team of experts from all departments – computer science, legal firms, accounting department, and law enforcement units. It is necessary so that no aspect is left unattended and it is the only way to get to justice since only the testimony of ranked professionals is considered valid.

Now comes the way in which digital forensics operate. Scroll through to find out the details.

  1. The first step is data collection to prove fraud. The data can be in the form of images, videos, audio, and/or documents. Besides, it can be stored in all kinds of devices like mobile phones, tablets, desktops, email systems, and external storage devices like memory cards and hard disks. On top of it, the data can be shared by tweets, texts, and many other means. Thus, forensic data collection includes gathering all the relevant data from all devices shared by all means
  2. Once collected, the data is analyzed to find out if it is corrupt. It is necessary to find the missing pieces since the data can be tampered with – deleted, hidden, encrypted, coded. Besides, sometimes only a part of the data is deleted and not the entire document
  3. Once analyzed, the data is recreated with the help of experts from the computer science department and accounting department. It is done carefully so that the prepared document matches the exact same information as it was before the data was tampered with
  4. Based on what is yielded, the concerned suspects that could be employees too, are cross-questioned. Once prepared, the final report is stored. And the forensic labs that are used to store documents are heavily guarded with 24×7 motion surveillance cameras that cannot be hacked into
  5. Lastly, the concerned experts that have worked on the case testify as witnesses. Besides, since the search is of a neutral nature, the testimony of professionals is considered to be of a great value


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