What is scrum and how does it work?

Teamwork and coordination are the two most important aspects of working as a team. More than individual performance, utilizing the potential of everyone in the team to the maximum. The best example of it is a team sport. Unless everyone in a team is on a similar wavelength, success will be difficult to achieve. In the sport of Rugby, Scrum is a popular term that is frequently used, in which all the players come together and hustle against trying to gain the possession of the ball and win a match. A similar concept has been adopted in the development of software with the same name, Scrum. All the aspects of Scrum have been discussed in the following article.


Technically speaking, Scrum is software for development strategies. Its main function is to organize the developers in such a way that they can work as a team and can achieve a goal that is shared commonly, which is generally an aspiration to create a product that is ready for launch in the market. Agile software is a concept that works on similar lines. Scrum is a subset of it that is frequently and widely used.

How does it work?

Just like in Rugby all the players put their heads together, in Scrum, different developers pool in their ideas and heads and address problems which are generally perceived as complex ones. It is a sequential process that includes many steps. Firstly, a wish list is made about a product. The backlogs are first to be addressed, topics like how much work is still left and how much time will it take to be completed. Scrum works on the agile software principle known as Sprint. It is actually the time when the developers sit and develop the software. It can last for a week or even a month right from clearing the backlog to the creation of a product that is saleable. In the end, there is a review of the Sprint. Once it is developed, another backlog is picked up, and the process is repeated.

These steps are followed until the deadline of the project gets over, or the total budget assigned to it is spent. Scrums which are organized on a daily basis, hold a meeting in which the previous progress is shared, and then the next steps which will be taken are discussed in details. The role of a ScrumMaster is critical in this scenario, and all the other members of the team have to be focused. To know more about its methodologies, you can check out the link https://explainagile.com/agile/scrum/pillars.

The constituents of Scrum

It must have become clear by now that Scrum is a team project. It mainly consists of a group of developers. If you had to categorize on a wider angle, it consists of-

  • A Scrum Team that consists of individuals that work together as a part of the Sprint and produce products that can be launched in the market.
  • A Scrum Master, who is the main coordinator of the team, assigns roles and makes sure that all the rules are complied with and the team works in perfect harmony with each other.
  • The Owner of a product who views everything from the perspective of a potential customer. The teamwork of Scrum is given the priority here, and the backlogs are addressed first by him or her.

Advantages or benefits of Scrum

The ultimate aim of using a Scrum strategy is to make sure that the intended goals are reached as soon as possible. The benefits are as follows-

A developer with the ability to take decisions thrives in this setup. The moral of the team is generally high.

Even if the product is not completed, if the deadline is reached, the product gets launched in the market. Thus, it is an ongoing process. These products are of the highest quality, and the risk is low.

The time is taken to complete the project also reduces by almost 40 percent.

The return on Investment is higher.

The feedbacks are regular, prompt and can be corrected easily.

The focus of the project keeps evolving as the goal of the business changes.

Disadvantage of Scrum

There are a few issues that seem to arise with Scrum-

A creep might set in if the stakeholders interfere too much with the backlogs.

There should be proper camaraderie within the team, or else things may not progress faster.

The project gets hampered with one of the team member leaves on the Scrum Master is not competent enough.

The concept of Scrum has proven to be beneficial in Rugby. The utility of it can be seen in developing software as well to create amazing products.

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