What it takes to capture a double exposure portrait

It is always fun to learn something new about your own camera. You get too excited after discovering a new feature. You go out and keep experimenting until you take some amazing shots. Double exposure photography is one of the techniques that most photographers use these days. A double exposure photograph is nothing but superimposition of two different images in a single photograph. There are various emotions that a photographer could convey through this technique.

As this technique provides different sort of results, people tend to like it more than the usual shots. Some of the advanced cameras out there supports double exposure photography mode in them. If you are using a point and shoot camera, or a camera that lacks this feature then you can use an image editing program to achieve this effect. Double exposure portraits are more fun to see those traditional portraits. Expressing a certain kind of mood and message through a photograph is quite easy by this technique.

Start taking double exposure shots right away:

If you have this feature built-in to your camera, then you need to turn it on first. There are various factors that make a double exposure shot sell out. These factors include a shutter triggering cable, a tripod, Flash (sometimes), a backdrop, etc. When trying this feature for the first time, do not burden yourself with creating an awesome shot. Enjoy the process.

Let your imagination fly

Experiment as much as you can. Once you get the understanding of how double exposure works, you can move on to achieve better results. Try to click pictures in different lighting conditions, with or without flash, close-ups or wide shots, etc. Some high-end cameras even have the option to let you select an image from memory for superimposition.

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