Why Your Press Release Strategy Should Not Be a Single Piece – One Isn’t Enough

When you’re set to buy something that you’ve never used before, one thing you will most probably do is to research about the product thoroughly. You will scour the web, check out what others are saying about it plus its manufacturer and even check out what’s in the social media and news sites. Such is the exercise that’s natural to all of us; savvy, modern-day shoppers.

But as someone whose scope of work revolves around public relations, you’ve got to take a cue from this, that today’s consumers like a stream of information before making a decision. They will need factual, insightful and informative data, pretty much like what a Press Release has.

Even when Press Releases are mostly used when making a grand announcement, there’s no harm using it to encourage brand communication, as David Nelson of CNW Group elucidates. Through his blog, David says that even with their ballooning workloads and scarce resources, PR professionals still get tempted to the habit of relying on a single news source. Says Thapa from NewswireNEXT.com.

However, according to him, there’s nothing absurd with sending out multiple copies on the same topic since this can dramatically raise results. And he’s probably right, going by the following reasons why your PR campaigns and numerous Press Releases ought to go hand-in-hand.

To Reinforce and Expand

Much as Press Releases boast longer durability and effectiveness, their ability to inspire engagement shoots almost immediately after the distribution. So, organize several of them, all of them centered on the same theme and ensure they are potent enough to appeal to the target audience. Follow-ups can make it possible to eventually grab the reader’s attention, even when the first pieces couldn’t do it. Says Ed Cal Media Agency.

To Bring Out the Details

It becomes a tricky balance when you need to promote a new product and still ensure your Press Release is brief and readable. But because a poorly written copy is a No-No, try to break it into shorter ones instead all linked to a given subject.

Let it appeal to different audiences’ likes and preferences

It is very critical that you understand what your audience’s likes and needs when drafting a Press Release. A significant hurdle is their varied individual preferences. However, David explains this through an event promoted by the Ontario Science Centre using both the pre-event and post-event press releases.

Even when it’s mainly uncommon to have several press releases marketing a similar event, the Ontario Science Centre did this pretty well. Each copy had a unique purpose, perhaps to cover the different audiences. And this is the best evidence that PR and marketing campaigns can work like a charm.

If the audience you’re targeting can be broken into smaller groupings with different needs, consider a few press releases that address different audience preferences for format and story angle.

It’s clear, therefore, that if you opt for a single press release strategy, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot.

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