WlToysF949 is a great opportunity to learn aeromodelling

Are your RC plane is accessible enough to have an incredible initial experience. Try WlToysF949 it is not expensive and can be a great alternative to get started in the world of radio control aircraft for you.

In order to fly our Airplane we will have control over three of its elements (3 channels): the steering rudder (to change the direction), the depth rudder (to tell the gadget to go up and down) and the power we put to the engine. With these three simple elements (far from the 4 channels of superior RC planes) we enjoy a simpler control that helps a lot of new customers in the beginning.

It also, works with technology ofa LCD transmitter that verifies the data in the weather to ensure the full safety of the RC Hobbies/tech and its remote control has a left hand accelerator, to adapt it to those users who are left-handed.

WlToysF949: The classic RC airplane preferred by the market

Regarding the power of this toy, it must be said that it is one of the most powerful gadget on the market, it is a device that works with batteries of 3.7v with a charging time from 40 to 60 minutes and we will not be able to fly it against disproportionate winds. Anyway, with a speed of 5km/h or even a little more we will have a very good performance of our WlToysF949 thanks to its new technology of 3 coreless motors combination, which provides stronger driving power and adjustment to the environment conditions for indoor and outdoor flight.

WlToysF949 is more than a conventional RC aircraft.

The flight time that offers is about 15 minutes, although it depends a lot on how you fly it. This time can vary 5 minutes up or down because we can use in our favor the wind breezes that are given, planning with our Airplane without using the engine or using it at the minimum speed. Another important element is that we can control it from very long distances, so the toy will never be in danger.

Its anatomy looks classic and elegant because it was designed according to the Cessna-182, a real airplane, elegant and fresh. Has a light weight of only 58g and its size is 50 x 38 x 16.5 cm,is easy to carry, made of EPP composite material, high flexibility, excellent recovery,and not easy to break.

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